Eucalyptus is a very strong and durable wood type suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Thanks to the high oil content it naturally contains, eucalyptus naturally resists the influence of moisture and lends furniture 20-25 years of service. 

It grows naturally in tropical climates and can grow up to 100 metres tall. Eucalyptus grows very fast which makes it a sustainable choice as less resources are needed. In addition, eucalyptus is among the most frequently planted wood types across large parts of the world’s subtropical zones. Eucalyptus is cut down when it is 20-25 years old and 40-45 metres tall with a diameter ranging from 70-80 cm at the base and 30-40 cm at the top. All sourced eucalyptus is FSC-certified (FSC- C135991) of the highest quality and comes from responsible suppliers. 

Untreated, eucalyptus has a pinkish brown colour that changes to reddish brown. The growth rings are even with a uniform texture which gives eucalyptus a very homogeneous look. 

Additional durability and easy cleaning opportunities are obtained by surface treating eucalyptus. Furthermore, the surface becomes more resistant towards moisture damages and fungi when used outdoors.  

At Studio CHS, we have standard surface treatment options but can also customize to fit individual needs. 

Sourcing, treating, and manufacturing the wood is all done in the Studio CHS factory which gives full control of the quality inspection as well as the flow of raw materials and components from forest to sawmill to manufacturing. This allows us to monitor lead times from the uncut log to the final beautiful piece. 






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