Oak is a hard and very durable wood type due to its natural high content of tannic acid among other things. 


Oak grows naturally in Europe, North America, and Asia, and can grow up to 35 metres tall and 3 metres in diameter. All sourced oak is FSC-certified (FSC- C135991) of the highest quality and comes from responsible suppliers. 


Untreated, oak has a brownish colour and a lively look with visible, wide growth rings. 


By surface treating oak, additional durability and easy cleaning opportunities are obtained. When oiling, staining, or painting oak, the wood structure is clearly visible through the paint due to the open structure of the wood. 


At Studio CHS, we have standard surface treatment options but can also customize to fit individual needs. 

Sourcing, treating, and manufacturing the wood is all done in the Studio CHS factory which gives full control of the flow of raw materials and components from forest to sawmill to manufacturing, and allows us to monitor quality and lead times from the uncut log to the final beautiful piece.






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