Making ethical and sustainable choices every day 

Respect runs through our business… for our materials, for the planet – and for each other.  

In everything we do, we always try to make the right choices. Whether it’s creating new jobs and training up young talent, preserving crafting techniques, sourcing sustainable materials, or making our resources go further through responsible production. In our business, we believe that honesty, integrity, and clarity are non-negotiable. 


So we operate a zero-waste policy, repurposing left-over wood remnants to make accessories. Or if they are too small, we use them to heat up the kilns in our sawmill and wood drying facilities. We use environmentally certified wood and even recycle saw dust into chipboard materials and supply it to local mushroom farms as growing fodder. 

We have invested significantly in reducing carbon dioxide emissions at our factory, and have built a sophisticated drainage system to protect the neighborhood from flooding during Vietnam’s notorious wet season. And we are proud to train and provide livelihoods for local people in our facility in Vietnam. 

It’s our way of respecting where we work and the people around us. 






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Izabella Sander, ​Global Sales Manager

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