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Studio CHS collaborates with hospitality and corporate clients to create outstandingly designed and accessibly priced bespoke furniture that embodies their brand ethos, complemented by an off-the-shelf collection from both new talents and established designers.

Our values


Studio CHS: a legacy of excellence 

Our forward-looking furniture service is rooted in more than 110 years of experience.  


Design is in our DNA. Since 1908, our parent brand the legendary Danish furniture manufacturer  Carl Hansen & Sønhas designed and crafted outstanding pieces that become beloved heirlooms.  

Studio CHS draws on this craftsmanship and experience, using expert artisans, the finest materials and inspired designers to create exceptional bespoke furniture for the hospitality industry.  

And while our outlook is modern and forward-thinking, we still adhere to Carl Hansen & Søn‘s original vision: peerless design; remarkable quality; and a sustainable, ethical approach to working. 


At Studio CHS, we are mindful of where we’ve come from. But we are always looking to the future. 





Our bespoke services redefine quality furniture at accessible prices 

Hand-crafting outstanding one-off pieces especially for the hospitality industry. 


Exclusively working with the hospitality, restaurant and corporate industries, Studio CHS hand-crafts exceptional pieces that come from over a century of experience, but in line with today’s business needs. 


Our bespoke service allows you to become part of the creative process – and join us on the journey through design and execution. By co-collaborating with a designer on each piece, you have freedom and flexibility to shape your own vision, producing outstanding one-off pieces of hand-crafted furniture that reflect your business needs perfectly.  


A ready-made furniture collection of iconic pieces to choose from gives you inspiration in creating your own look or simply allows you to buy the highest-quality Danish design straight off the shelf. It’s part of our commitment to make brilliantly designed, high-quality furniture available to more people at an accessible price. 

Vertical integration & quality 


Quality is our master in everything we do 

We manage, own and control as much of the supply chain as we can to ensure the highest standards. 


Quality is everything in the world of high-end hand-made furniture. So we operate a ‘vertically integrated’ business, meaning we have direct ownership of almost the entire production process – and total control over our output. 


It’s a way of working that is beneficial to both us and our customers too. Because sourcing, treating and manufacturing everything in one location increases our efficiency at every stage. It gives us control of the flow of raw materials and components from forest to sawmill to manufactory, and allows us to maintain the integrity of our work and monitor lead times from uncut log to the final beautiful piece. 


It also makes for a far more cost-effective operation. We don’t outsource to external contractors and suppliers so we avoid markups, taxes and transport costs, and pass the savings into our price structure. And owning everything gives us far more flexibility in customizing our designs to the needs of our clients. 


Our in-house product development department in Denmark creates all our designs, which are expertly made into mock-ups and models in our workshop in Vietnam. Led and trained by Danish managers, the carefully chosen local artisans work in our own wood processing facility, sawmill, wood drying facility, as well as in-house carving, weaving and upholstery workshops. 


In Denmark, we oversee everything with an eagle eye, monitoring the entire development process from start to finish to ensure our strict standards are met. 




Studio CHS offers a unique bespoke service and ready-made pieces 

A century of experience behind us, a future of creativity ahead.  


With a long tradition of crafting outstanding furniture since 1908, we are always looking forward to creating the future. 


By offering a new collection and a bespoke service, Studio CHS takes a century of knowledge and expertise in new directions, working with up-and-coming new designers and co-collaborating with luxury client partners to convey their brand in new ways. 


The past century has been good to us; we look forward to the next hundred years of creating. 






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